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Strong Data Science Scholarship

Opportunity Detail

At Strong Analytics, we believe that data science empowers us to make positive change across many domains, from health, to education, politics, energy, and more. Our goal with this scholarship is to encourage motivated students to engage with data science projects and learn the tools and techniques to enable them to make positive impact through data. These projects can be on any topic, though they must use publicly-available, open-access data. We founded Strong after earning our PhD's in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience at Northwestern University. We are incredibly grateful to the educators and mentors who pushed us to learn and challenge ourselves. Indeed, one of our first data science projects that we collaborated on was in a "hackathon" hosted by Northwestern. With this scholarship, we want to give something back by helping students and giving them an opportunity to sharpen their skills with "real world" projects outside of the classroom. The student(s) who submit(s) the top project by the deadline below will be awarded a one-time scholarship award of $1,000 and have their work shared with the world on our website!


•The project must use publicly-available, open-access data. •All analyses, visualizations, and reports must be original. •Students can work individually or as teams. •Each student or team may only make a single submission. •All submissions must include the source code and data necessary to reproduce the analysis. •Submissions must be hosted at a public repository, such as GitHub. •All applicants must be currently registered as students at a college/university in the United States or Canada.

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedApr 12, 2017
Start DateApr 12, 2017
End DateJun 1, 2017
Apply BeforeJun 1, 2017
Award Type
St. George
Mississauga (UTM)
Scarborough (UTSC)
Level Of Study
Subject Areas
Physical Sciences
Toronto, ON
School of Graduate Studies
Awarded a one-time scholarship award of $1,000.