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LSCDS Recruitment 2017-2018 positions

Opportunity Detail

WHY should I join the LSCDS Exec team? It is an excellent opportunity to work with like-minded motivated life science graduate students such as yourself to bring awareness to the various career paths available to fellow graduate students, while also developing your own professional skills. It is also a great opportunity to recruit and develop a 1-on-1 relationship with industry professionals and expand your own network, and gain access to LSCDS exec-only workshops and events.

Detail Notes

Please see for information on the opportunities available. Email a 1 page professional resume and cover letter detailing a maximum of two positions that you are interested in and why to

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Mailing Address
1 King's College Circle - MSB

Opportunity Details

Date PostedJun 12, 2017
Start DateAug 28, 2017
End DateJun 11, 2018
Apply BeforeJun 30, 2017
St. George
Level Of Study
Subject Areas
Life Sciences
Most events on campus, some at off campus locations
Any Life Science-associated department
We are looking for motivated and engaging graduate students to join our team. Please consider applying even if you are in your first or second year of your PhD.