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MediFilm Club Executive Recruitment

Opportunity Detail

Hello everyone! We are recruiting executive members and research assistants for MediFilm club and we would be happy to see you get involved in our initiative. We will be running a study on the effects of movie therapy in older adults this year, under the supervision of two faculty members. You can check our club's statement below and on Ulife. If you are interested please fill out this form. MediFilm is a student run organization that aims to help students through the therapeutic effects of films. Similar to the positive effects of music supported by substantial research, movies can have a profound effect on our mindset by combining various elements such as characters, music and mise-en-scène. These effects can sometimes give us a new perspective on life or a personal matter, and even alter the way we behave. Ultimately, cinema therapy allows us to have a deeper understanding of films as we can then reflect on our own personal experiences – and that is the main goal of Medifilm. We will achieve this goal by screening movies that have been approved by professionals in the field of psychotherapy. In addition, we will have various fundraising events to provide an opportunity to bring MediFilm to hospitals, senior homes and homeless shelters, as we believe that everyone should be able to harness the power of movies. Our film therapy session will be followed by discussions on the psychological aspects of the film and how it translated for different individuals. We hope that at the very least you’ll get a chance to simply watch some great movies, and make new friends, but we certainly aim for more!

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedNov 21, 2017
Start DateNov 30, 2017
End DateNov 21, 2018
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St. George
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Social Sciences
Physical Sciences