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Opportunity Detail

The Neurology Research Association is looking for a Webmaster to manage their website and primary digital media outlets. The Neurology Research Association of University of Toronto is committed to supporting the independence of researchers via training, funding, advocating, and networking. Our organization has a committed interest in it's members just as much as the organization's constitutional objective. Don't believe us? Join us and see for yourself!

Detail Notes

Benefits • Earn invaluable experience towards helping your community • Earn co-curricular hours • Earn an optional personalized reference letter • Earn free admission to our events • Earn invaluable networking exposure • Make new friends APPLY: Please send us your resume and availability. Upon successful qualification, you may be asked to do a follow-up interview


Job Duties • Work allocation is determined by the organization's goals and restrictions on time allocation for individual members • Must be obliged to attend at least one meeting a week (i.e. optional conference calling or in person meetings) • Must be obliged to frequently correspond with the Direct of Events, President, and External V.P. as needed • Must be obliged to modify, learn usage of, and edit Ulife webspace


In case applications are being processed late, we encourage you to continuing applying after the deadline.

Sponsored ByUlife, UTSU, and GSU

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedSep 15, 2018
Start DateJan 6, 2020
End DateAug 31, 2020
Apply BeforeOct 13, 2018
Award Type
St. George
Mississauga (UTM)
Scarborough (UTSC)
Level Of Study
Subject Areas
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences
Job Prerequisites • Must be a u of t undergraduate student, graduate student, or alumni • Must have basic knowledge and understanding of web design protocols and script (e.g. C++, Java, and etc) • Completion or current enrollment of a computer science, or similar, program is an asset • Prior formal web design experience is an asset • A strong interest in topics of Neurology is an asset