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Media Production Assistant at Iranian Students' Organization

Opportunity Detail

The purpose of the UTSC Iranian Students’ Organization is to create a platform to ‎represent Iranian students on campus; as well as to establish and promote Iranian ‎cultural customs.‎

Detail Notes

Media Production Manager will advertise and propagate club events and will be ‎responsible for managing social media and multimedia production. In Addition to ‎that, by providing the appropriate cultural means, the media production manager ‎uses the club’s media to further promote the club’s outputs and introduce the ‎Iranian culture.‎

Sponsored ByIranian Students' Organization

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedSep 6, 2020
Start DateSep 8, 2020
End DateApr 30, 2021
Apply BeforeSep 22, 2020
Scarborough (UTSC)
Level Of Study