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Apollo Toronto

Apollo is an international collaborative project between the EUREKA Institute, which aims to foster an international community of translational medicine professionals, and its partner universities with the aim of helping medical students develop the unique skills, knowledge and experience that will support a career in the field of translational medicine. As medicine becomes more complex and its practice more costly, innovations in translational medicine will become the source of future medical advancements, bridging basic science, public health, and clinical practice. Apollo provides students with the intellectual environment and skills required to identify important problems in medicine and develop concrete solutions to those problems. Apollo is also a forum for students to critically evaluate, debate, and discuss current, real-world topics and trends in medicine. As a growing global network of medical students, physicians, and scientists, Apollo facilitates the transformation of medical students into experts in translational medicine.

Translational medicine is defined by the EUREKA Institute as the evolution of an idea into a new therapy or tool to improve human health and manage disease. Translational medicine is a growing field and its unique challenges require a similarly unique skillset including critical thinking, public speaking, processing multi-system issues, and collaboration. Translational medicine also requires an in-depth understanding of the shifting international landscape and what the process of novel therapy development entails. Apollo will provide opportunities to exercise these skills and knowledge outside of the traditional classroom setting and to apply them to current issues that are not formally discussed in the curriculum.

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Siraj Zahr
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Tina Binesh Marvasti
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St. George
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September 30, 2019

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Siraj Zahr
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