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Canadian Politics Society

The Canadian Politics Society aims to engage the student population of the University of Toronto by providing events and opportunities that help foster an interest in Canadian politics. Our main event is a two day first ministers simulation meant to recreate a federal-provincial conference between the Prime Ministers and Premiers of the provinces and territories of Canada. This simulation aims to provide an opportunity for interested students to learn about intergovernmental relations and engage in respectful and productive discussion around important political issues in Canada. Furthermore, due to the nature of the simulation, students will get the opportunity to represent political views that might differ from their own, which will contribute to greater respect and understanding of diversity of political views within the University of Toronto community. In addition to this main event, we will be hosting meetings throughout the year, including a combination of the following: election night viewing events, expert panels, structured debates, and/or professor-led discussions.

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Primary Contact
Kate Schneider
Secondary Contact
Talia Holy
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Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
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St. George
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Renewal Date
September 30, 2020

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Alexa Kalsatos
Operations Coordinator
Madeleine Bauer
Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
Emma Davy
Kate Schneider
Talia Holy