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Classical Martial Arts Club (Junpukai) (CMAC)

We focus on the practice of classical Japanese martial arts. We mainly study the koryu style known as Takenouchi-ryū Bitchū Den 竹内流 備中伝. The style has a long history, being founded in 1532 by a warrior named Takenouchi Nakatsukasadaiyū Hisamori. It is a complete martial arts system covering various kinds of combat including unarmed combat and a range of arms (e.g., long and short sword, long and short staff, glaive, etc.). As the style focuses on training with kata, choreographed movement patterns, and on technique over raw power, it can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced martial artists alike.
Training will be held weekly and led by an instructor with a second dan in the style. Besides training techniques of the style, sessions will hone self and situational awareness that were key to survival in the warring states period of feudal Japan.
Training in Takenouchi-ryū offers a glimpse into the life of a warrior during the sengoku era. The historical aspect is something typically absent in other more modern martial arts as is the wide range of techniques and weapons the style exposes practitioners to.

If you are interested in an authentic traditional Japanese martial arts experience, and expanding your understanding of them and their history, then come check us out at Hart House on Saturday mornings from 9-11AM.

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Zendai Kashino
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Victor Lu
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