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Artists Anonymous (AA)

Artists Anonymous is an organization that aims to explore and promote an inclusive space for all students to express themselves through various forms of art. Forms include, but are not limited to,: music, poetry, dancing, fashion, theatrical arts, and visual arts. Artists Anonymous is committed to using its multi- disciplinary creative platforms to give back to the community through different charitable, arts-based events.

For the year of 2018-2019, Artists Anonymous will bring members of the school community and community partners together, using art to increase awareness about prevalent social justice issues in the city (ie: homelessness, urban violence, environmental issues, food insecurity, mental illness, etc.).

In keeping with our belief that everyone holds artistic skills, all students will be encouraged to join, and the group will exist as an open, accepting space in which members will be encouraged to explore their arts-based and advocacy-based passions.

All activities will use art-based techniques to inspire and motivate the community. These activities will foster an educational environment for persons to share common passions, while learning effective ways in which to creatively address issues such as poverty and food insecurity.

This year, members will work towards acquiring the skills that are needed to support future ventures related to Project Oasis: a long-term mission that will engage students in creating sustainable communities for individuals who are homeless through the use of artistic principles, engineering skills, and principles of design.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Josanne Buchanan
Secondary Contact
Daylath Mendis
P: 647-201-3345
Group Email Address
Contact Us
Mailing Address
957 Pharmacy Avenue
M1R 2G2

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Community Service
Social Justice/Advocacy
Renewal Date
September 30, 2019

Group Leaders

Daylath Mendis
Director of Operations
Josanne Buchanan
Vice President