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Stock Traders Society (STS)

The U of T Stock Traders Society is a community where U of T students being together discussing the arts and techniques of stock trading in North American's live Equity Market.

We understand that there's been lots of students struggling with their financial situation, either taking a break to work just to afford schooling, or being held back by student loans. Our goal is to help those students who are interested in the financial market to live a better life. By developing the knowledge and skills of stock trading with the community as a whole, successful students can even reach their designated level offinancial independence in a short period of time.

We will be holding several workshops and one or two competition events throughout each semester to introduce the wonder of stock trading once our community is approved. We are keen to meet our future members & executives and to really make a difference in the community at U of T.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Kevin Li
Secondary Contact
Jessica Zhang
P: 6478773886
Mailing Address
126 Carolbreen Sq
M1V 1H5

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
Scarborough (UTSC)
Areas of Interest
Hobby and Leisure
Global Interests
Renewal Date
September 30, 2020

Group Leaders

Yinah Zhuang
Marketing Associate
Kellvea Wang
Kevin Li
Jessica Zhang
Allen Zhang
Junior PM
Hanks Li
Junior PM
Tudor Georgescu
Junior PM
Dixa Patel
Junior FA
Joshua Raphael
Peter Li
Social Media Manager
Horan Wang
Junior FA
Harvis Da
Junior FA
Carol Wang
Sanjith Raghavan
Junior PM
Hanks Li
Junior PM
Longjia Qiu
Event Planner