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Culture Commons (UTCC)

The purpose of UTCC is to create a connective and interculturally harmonious environment that encourages students to involve themselves in the community. We want to help students feel comfortable and included, practice their communication, and particularly help international students better integrate into Canada and achieve their social goals. We will share our experiences and learn from each other about how to make the best of our U of T experience, including strategies for academic learning and how to maximize enjoyment.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Kai Shen (Allen) Zhang
Secondary Contact
Dan Lu (Lucy) Chen
P: (514) 357 4178
Group Email Address
Contact Us
Official Group Website
Mailing Address
7 Grenville Street
M4Y 1W9

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Culture And Identities
Hobby and Leisure
Renewal Date
September 30, 2020

Group Leaders

Jeffrey Li
Vice-President of Marketing
Zi Qi (Rachel) Lin
Vice-President of Internal Management
Kai Shen (Allen) Zhang
General President
Yan Xiang (Jimmy) Lan
Vice-President of Operation
Dan Lu (Lucy) Chen
Vice-President of External Affaires
Xin Yi (Bridget) Li
Director of Human Ressources
Yi Ran(Selina) Huo
Director of Design
Meining Pan
Director of Media
Yu Meng Yang
Director of Marketing