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Acts of Kindness (UTM A-OK)

The main mission of UTM AoK is to spread positivity and kindness, and thereby inspire acts of generosity and altruism on campus and beyond. We will create an avenue for members to contribute to, as well as help start and lead creative community projects that will positively impact our campus and local communities.

Our projects will revolve around increasing interactions with vulnerable and/or under-resourced communities; reducing barriers that may make it harder to help others through education; and challenging our campus to re-evaluate the power of random and small acts of kindness.

No matter how small the act, it is our belief that the combined power of everyone’s efforts has the potential to transform relations and change the world.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Fatima Faruq
Secondary Contact
Ayesha Khan
Group Email Address
Contact Us

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
Mississauga (UTM)
Areas of Interest
Community Service
Social Justice/Advocacy
Renewal Date
September 30, 2021

Group Leaders

Fatima Faruq
Ayesha Khan
Vice President