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U of T Tennis Club (UTTC)

The focus of the U of T Tennis Club is to PROMOTE the sport of tennis. The club offers a setting for the students and faculty of the university to share their love for tennis. We strive to offer members an opportunity to play tennis, improve their game, and overall enjoy the experience. Both competitive and recreational tennis exist among the weekly practice sessions and seasonal tournaments offered therefore providing an avenue for people of all levels to join.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Hsiao-Yuan Sun
Secondary Contact
Josh Grief
Group Email Address
Contact Us
Mailing Address
U of T Tennis Club 12 Hart House Circle Toronto, ON M5S 3J9

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Athletics And Recreation
Hobby and Leisure
Renewal Date
September 30, 2022

Group Leaders

Hsiao-Yuan Sun
Josh Grief
Vice President
Adimchinobi Deborah Atisele
Adimchinobi Deborah Atisele