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UTM ACADEMIC SOC - Philosophy Academic Society

The UTM Philosophy Academic Society is a group of students interested in philosophy. There are -roughly- 1,940 students either enrolled in Philosophy POSTs or in at least one half-credit Philosophy course on the Mississauga Campus.

The Philosophy Academic Society was setup to facilitate a comfortable, encouraging, and most-importantly, an engaging and fun environment for all students enrolled within the Philosophy program.

We aim to;
i) provide academic help to philosophy students;
ii) act as the middle-wo/man between the Philosophy Faculty and its students;
iii) organise events to bring the department and its students together, and
iv) end lists with even numbers.

We ordinarily meet on a weekday after 5pm for free refreshments and events such as guest speakers, movie nights, etc.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Joshua Hinds
Secondary Contact
Jeffrey Senese
P: 905-555-5555
Official Group Website
Mailing Address

Group Profile

Organization Type
Course/Program Union
Campus Association
Mississauga (UTM)
Areas of Interest

Group Leaders

Amy Mullin
Joshua Hinds
Jeffrey Senese
Vice President