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Environmental Student Resource Network (UTERN)

The University of Toronto’s Environmental Resource Network (UTERN) is a levy organization that operates as a funding body and networking hub for any person, group or club within the university community interested in sustainability and environmentalism on campus. UTERN membership is open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni from any of the three campuses at the University of Toronto. To join our membership, join our

To facilitate an environmental network at U of T, UTERN hosts monthly Environmental Working Groups (EWGs), where the environmental community at U of T and beyond can pool their resources, share knowledge, and keep up to date on environmental initiatives across the U of T campuses. There are also EWGs at UTM and UTSC. UTERN also organizes EcoFEST, a two week long environmental and sustainability awareness campaign, as well as works with other campus groups for Sustainability Week.

All full-time undergraduate students at UTSG, UTM, and UTSC as well as all full-time and part-time graduate students automatically pay the levy of $0.25/term, or $0.18/term for part-time to the student union. The levy supports student-led projects in relation to the environment for all of U of T, and is completely refundable for those unable, or unwilling, to pay.

For more information on our levy, funding history, constitution, EWG meeting minutes, etc., visit our website.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Ciman Araleh
Secondary Contact
Alexandra Gaspar
Group Email Address
Contact Us
Official Group Website
Mailing Address
University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network Rm. 2016V, Earth Sciences Centre 33 Willcocks Street Toronto, ON M5S 3B3 Canada

Group Profile

Organization Type
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Environment and Sustainability

Group Leaders

Coco Chen
UTM Representative
Mia Ratudemia
Marketing Director
Ciman Araleh
Leeza Gheerawo
UTSC UTERN Representative
Raymond Dang
Network Executive Liaison
Dorsa Nouri Parto
Project Manager
Denelle Carvalho
Events and Campaigns Coordinator
Sophie Tan
Director of Technology
Alexandra Gaspar
Executive Secretary
Nathan Dsilva
Danielle Toccalino
GSU Representative