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Robotics for Space eXploration (RSX)

Will we ever become a multi-planetary species? Does the universe harbour other forms of life? What exactly is the universe, and how did it form? These questions - among countless others - have vexed humanity since its inception, and still do today. RSX believes that a fundamental means of finding answers to such questions is by physically conducting research experiments and exploring the vastness of space. It is our mission to form a multidisciplinary team of engineers dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative technology designed specifically for space exploration. The hostility, unfamiliarity, and unknowns related to environments beyond the Earth's atmosphere pose significant challenges to engineers and scientists. With a rapidly growing aerospace and robotics industry coupled with increasingly accessible and affordable technology, the underpinning goal of RSX will be to provide all of its members with a comprehensive, practical, and concrete understanding of space exploration to meet these challenges. As space exploration is highly multidisciplinary, RSX will welcome engineers and scientists from diverse backgrounds, interests, and skill sets. However, RSX also welcomes anyone who has an interest about space robotics, regardless of experience level. We believe that anyone who is willing to learn is able to thrive in RSX, and we are happy to foster their growth to become the next scientists and engineers.

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Hudson Schier
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Dylan Lamont
P: 2503094653
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Recognized Student Group
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St. George
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Work and Career Development
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September 30, 2020

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