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Privacy Policy


Statement Regarding Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
at the University of Toronto

As of June 10, 2006, Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), which provides for protection of personal privacy and public access to information at many Ontario public sector entities, applied to the University of Toronto and other Ontario universities.

Established University of Toronto values and long-standing practices with respect to access and privacy are consistent with FIPPA principles. These principles are reflected in the Policy on Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (1995), which was voluntarily adopted to uphold access and privacy rights at the University in the absence of coverage by the legislation.

That Policy is rescinded and replaced by this Statement. The University will continue to support access and privacy through its commitment to the requirements of FIPPA.


Posted to Ulife on 12 August 2008

Reference: Governing Council Policies