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Renew Group Recognition

Why does our group need to renew?

According to the university Policy on the Recognition of Student Groups, group recognition expires September 30 of the following academic year and should be renewed by this time. If your group does not renew its recognition by this time, the student group loses the benefits of recognition, primarily the use of U of T in their name and booking space privileges.

When does our group need to renew?

Student groups can renew their recognition typically in the late spring and over the summer before September 30 every year.

How does our group renew its recognition?

The primary or secondary contact person listed on the Ulife profile for your group are responsible for submitting the renewal application on Ulife. Should they not be available, please contact the respective university office below for further assistance.

We only accept online applications from Ulife. Please do not submit a NEW application, but a RENEWAL application. The “renewal application” option is only available to the currently listed primary contact person.

NOTE: The contact person for your group should identify the new person and the group's two signing officers in the renewal application. Failure to provide such information can cause delays in processing future renewal requests!

Does our group qualify for recognition or renewal?

First, determine what kind of campus organization you think you would be from our Type of Organizations page.

Second, if you are an Academic Society, Course/Program Union or Student Society, then your group does not apply for recognition. But please update your listing on Ulife. Contact your respective student life office at St. George, UTM, or UTSC if you need assistance.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

At UTM, contact Student Life by email at

For UTSC, visit the Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing in the Student Centre, SL 157. Or contact

At the St. George campus, contact the Office of Student Life at or 416-946-7780. You may also visit the Ulife and Ulead Service Centre at 21 Sussex Avenue, 5th Floor in room 516 for assistance in person. For more information about the centre, please visit