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Why Get Recognized

Recognition by the University of Toronto affords groups the following privileges:

UTM Campus Specifically:
  • Access to rooms, table bookings, and a group profile on the UTM Engage App
  • Access to the CSE Library, with groups able to borrow cash boxes, leadership books, and team building activities
  • Several funding opportunities for student group events and initiatives which you can apply for
  • Access to several award opportunities
  • Student leaders gain access to several Ulife leadership sessions
Most groups at the University of Toronto seek recognition. Recognition as a “student group” is a privilege based upon observance of certain procedures and acceptance of certain responsibilities. It follows that this privilege can be withdrawn if these procedures are neglected or responsibilities abrogated by the organization or group.

Recognition Expiry and Renewal of Recognition

Once a group attains approval for recognition, the group remains recognized up until the following September 30 after which the recognition must be renewed. Groups must renew their U of T recognition before September 30 in order to continue to use University facilities and the University's name. These services includes maintaining U of T email accounts and web sites, continued use of other services and resources, rental of University space for activities, and use of temporary office space.

Student Societies Are Not Required to Seek Recognition

Student societies, academic unions, course/program unions, affiliates of student societies are not required to seek recognition. For more information on the types of organizations at the university, please visit Types of Organizations. However, many of these groups choose to apply for recognition should constitutional requirements be in line with recognition guidelines.

More Information  

At UTM, you can find more information at the Student Group Resources website or by contacting

At UTSC, you can visit the Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing in the Student Centre, SL 157. You can also contact the department by email,

For the St. George campus, contact the Office of Student Life by email to or by calling 416-946-7780. You can also visit the Ulife and Ulead Service Centre at 21 Sussex Avenue, 5th Floor, Room 516 for assistance in person.

**if you would like to guarentee someone is available to help you, email to confirm an appointment time **